Free Painting Course

The videos on this page are taken directly from the Evolve Artist Realistic Painting Program.  
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Part 1: Determining Light and Shadow


Part #2: Understanding Light & Shadow


Part #3: Reflections and Highlights 


BONUS: From Amateur to Pro
In One Painting

Part 2: Understanding Light and Shadow

1 - Understanding Cast & Form Shadows

2 - Painting the Shadows

3 - Painting the Lights

4 - Creating Ad Mixtures

5 - Gradients & Sharp Edges

6 - Filling the Background & Horizon Gradient

Part 3: Understanding Highlights and Reflections

1 - Highlights and Reflections in Shadows

2 - Highlights and Reflections in Light

3 - Sharpening Edges and Cleaning Up

BONUS: From Amateur to Pro in One Painting

Evolve helps artists develop all the confidence and skill needed to create realistic paintings in 12 months or less